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Looping Sound Quality Debate

I don't think Kim's defensive at all.  However, with statements like:

"The EDP audio design is stombox-esque crap."

I would probably get defensive.  To think that someone might not would 
be naive -- and that has nothing to do with "PC-speech thought-control".  
Just simple email etiquette.  We all know that email is often 
interpretted differently that the author intended.  How about: "The EDP 
audio design could be improved".  Says the same thing.

So far in the debate (and all posts I've seen from Kim) I've been 
impressed with Kim's suggestions, concern, and general level of customer 
service.  As a future purchaser of either the EDP or the Jamman, I'd 
love to see someone from Lexicon (or an engineer who's worked on the 
Jamman) participate in this list with the same vigor.  Customer service 
goes a long way in my purchasing decisions.  In that arena the EDP is 
winning hands down.

Back to the tech discussion......  circutry..... KHz....  

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