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Apologies to our friends in Wales

        I lived in Scotland and England for most of my childhood, so I had 
many occasions to visit Wales.  It's a fantastic place and I know many 
songs >from there, but the older songs (most of the songs on my album are 
well over a century old) are in a dialect I wouldn't even attempt to 
pronounce, so I avoided them.  I do have a small but nice collection of 
more modern songs from Wales that I draw from for gigs, however.  Maybe my 
next Celtic album. . .
        Notice I did not make any cliche "Close-Harmony Choral Singing" 
        Next year I should be swinging a musical tour through the U.K. 
with my Celtic band, so perhaps some of you Welch Loopers can re-educate 
me in the ways of good repertoire.


                        Jon Grant