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Re: The Story of our Age & New reading please

> interesting thing about hip-hop and another post about going to live in a
> culture to understand it's music....
> hardcore hip-hop videos on soulbeat and "the box". Go figure....music has
> deep cultural connection to the people who make it. get to know the
> and the music starts to make sense.

> -> I hate it -> this is not music -> what kind of losers would make trash
> like this" response. Now it's more like, "It's different -> why? -> what
> about that culture resulted in this music? -> how does this music convey
> those themes? -> can I learn anything from that?" 

thats great kim!! i wish with all my heart more people would see things
this way, on both sides!!!! we'd have more time to make music and not be
negative....there is very good hip hop along with the not so good - what
rock fans have to realize is - that's true of every form of music!!!!

andre' east