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Re: Echoplexproblem

not really enough description to figure out your problem easily, but I'll

At 12:11 PM -0800 12/1/98, Adolf wegener wrote:
>My echoplex(5.0)is unable to read midi-clock correctly.accepts not all
>i.e.sync=in,jamman provides clock.nextloop reacts sometimes on
>  jamclock,sometimes on internal clock.

make sure you have SwitchQuant set to "cyc" (for cycle). That will quantize
the loop switching to the points determined by midi clock. If SwitchQuant
is off, NextLoop is free of any sync and goes immediately.

>Sync=off:no switching at all to nextloop.

I think this could happen if you didn't reset the loop before turning
sync=off. Or it could be you have switchquant=CNF, or something else
entirely, hard to say without more detail.

>I.e.3loops,nextloop,multiply-record doesnt wait for the one.-back to 
>loop1 via
>nextloop:insert light yellow:plays loop once, then goes into muteWhat is 

This sounds like you have the SamplerStyle parameter set to "one", when you
probably want it set to "run". You would only set SamplerStyle to something
other than "run" if you were triggering the loops with midi, like a
sampler. If you are just using NextLoop, leave it on the default of "run".

Anyway, since it sounds like you have some parameters set in strange ways,
you might want to reset the parameters to default and start clean. (do that
by holding parameter button in while powering up, until the start screen is


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