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Re: mixing a looping rig

Great job with the previous reply, my setup falls somewhere close to A 
except that I use a the plain ole 1202. I give the J & V their Aux sends 
with the J going back to a stereo strip. That way J can access V. What I 
like about this is that I can turn J totally wet so the only the loop 
gets V'd, not what I play over it. This solves the mono question for me 
concerning J, at least until I get another one. As mentioned above, the 
(-) is that mixed V signal issue concerning how V is fed. If I don't 
feel like messing with anything and I just want to plug'n play, the 
above works for me.
While I have the floor, I would like to know if anyone uses the Digitech 
21xx (either of them) with a Jamman or EDP or any other mono looper? If 
there are, do you use the effects loop. I hear that one of these babies 
allow you to place that loop in differant areas of the signal path. That 
sound interesting, I'd like to hear how that works out and which unit 
allows that flexibility. I am considering one for purchase.

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