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Re: I will play loops through them

> hey all,
> Does any body have any experiance with the JBL Eon
> series powered speakers? I have not tried them but
> I am looking for power, affordibility (whats
> that), and above all tone in a compact setup.
> jeff

My friend was using a JBL Eon as his amp (he plays Stick with MIDI'd
synth and effects).  I thought his sound was ok until I watched him
try the same setup through an Eden bass head/Euphonic Audio cabinet
rig and this 2nd setup had much better bass and warmer tone.  It was
a noticeable difference.  He ended up buying one of the smaller Eden
heads (a 400 watt-er).

Then again, he's a Stick player so maybe his requirements are different
from yours.  Getting a good bass sound is very important to him.