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Vortex/JamMan footswitch

Vortex JamMan footswitch by mail order (or Maplin stores, UK)

Maplin Electronics (world service) tel +44 (0) 1702 554000
order code YK75S   Double foot switch    inc VAT 12.25(UK sterling)+pp
(credit card ordering)
I've just found this in the catalogue, it's made by Re-an and is
the same unit that lex supply .
But its supplied as latching  (easily convertable to non-latching they 
say) .
This is how
You'll need a good medium sized phillips screwdriver and pointy ended 
i) remove bottom plate, (two central screws)
ii) remove plastic nut from jack socket
iii) lift out circuit board
iv) now the fiddly bit, you'll see a small part of the switch which is made
from silver
     colored wire   and wiggles from side to side when you press the 
     grab the end of this which is nearest to the jack socket with the 
     You now need to pull away vertically until the end you have hold of
      comes oout of its hole, without pulling out the other end.
       Now twist to one side and release so that the end you have hold of
       back along side of the switch.
It's easy to do but hard to explain without pictures.

also replacement switches for above order code FH67 (same source).
These aren't actually that good but they are what lex use and I don't know
oof another.

Andy Butler.