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Re: rang-o-mania

The aux input is good for another source like a sampler, or how about a 
mic and
preamp. You could fly vocalizations in while your playing. I sometimes 
have a
Mini-disc player with all kinds of weird samples from radio, TV, ethereal
shortwave, etc. On one disc I have tons of loopable tidbits, and I can 
just call
up number 26 or whatever (As long as I remember the ID numbers).  Or 
sometimes I
jack an AM radio straight in and make it more of a live performance 
whatever's happening on the local all-Korean station (hey, I'm in Los
Angeles...). AM radio is a great source for adding odd vocals to loops, 
and of
course tuning in the radio noises that your own equipment generates makes 
it an
all-original performance.

One thing the aux might be handy for would be feeding it an aux send from 
mixer (if you can spare one) right back into the 'rang. Of course beware of
electronic feedback, but with care you might be able to alter the texture 
maybe create a deteriorating loop as the 'rang attenuates the earlier 
while replacing it with a recycled, grainier pass of the same material. 
theorizing here. Could be cool.

Anybody else?

Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> i discovered that if i send the aux out on the rang into my alesis q-2 
>that i
> can get a processed loop as well as the original loop and then i can 
> these two signals using the volume wheel, very nice......now i wonder 
> little tricks can i use the aux in for? any ideas?.......michael