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Re: OT: B.L.U.E. tour

In a message dated 12/9/98 6:50:58 PM, Trisstine@aol.com writes:

>Haven't had the oppurtunity to see D.T. perform live, but have his looping
> videos and they're great! Just out of curiosity, what knd of pedals
>did D.T. deploy/employ(besides the c.v. pedals) during the gigs?

He seems to be using pretty much the same pedals as in his video....some
differences I noted at the Chicago show- he has "industrial" switches on 
EDP controller pedal, and he hwas one of those volume pedals with the 
of lights (I don't recall the brand).

Oh, btw, it was a fantastic show......and yes, Bruford is pretty funny.