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Re: HD recording specs


Event Electronics has a free software program, "Echo Reporter"


that will analyze a system and give specific information for recording
w/ their hardware (PC/MAC-Layla, Gina, etc.) I'm not sure though
whether the Echo Reporter works on a Mac. I believe the speed of the
hard drive is relative to the number of tracks to be recorded/played 
at once as well as sample rate, etc. Hard drive size is another
consideration as sound files can become huge. I have started using a
Travan 4/8 gig tape drive with my PC to store some wav files, using
Seagate's Direct Tape Access which allows access to the tape drive as
if it were a hard drive. Its access is too slow to process or record,
but it is handy for storage and transfer. I can store 4/8 gigs for
$30+-, keeping lots of wav handy.

Randy Jones

---Martin Shellard <martins@pwdu.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> >I'm looking into an HD recording setup, on a Mac-based system.  My 
> >question is: how fast does the hard drive have to be for HD
> >Under 10ms?  The system I'm looking at, a 300mHz G3 has an IDE
> >Will this cut it, or will I need to invest in a wide/fast SCSI card
and a 
> >drive?
> >
> >Travis Hartnett
> You'll get a pretty low track count out of the IDE drive. You can 
> probably use a regular SCSI drive attached to the mac's built in
> you don't really need super-fast drives but the faster the better.
Go for 
> less than 10ms sek time and sustained transfer of 10Mb/s or more. 
> Martin Shellard

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