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Re: A3000 vs. SP-808?


they are 2 different machines, but if you want to do a great investment for
the future go for tha A3000. It's a real sampler (not phrase sampler like
the SP808) with a lot of real time features. plus 3 internal multi FX (a 
of modern processing), great support on the web (A3K central and mailing
list), multi output kit for few dollars, a lot of filters, sequence reader
and a great sound. Use it along a PC for sample editing and it's a killer! 


At 22.07 09/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello there...I'm new to this list, but I am delighted to have found 
>you all.
>I'm wondering if anyone can offer any insight about a little internal 
>debate I've been having.  Although I'm sure this question has already 
>been posed several times, here goes....
>What are some +'s and -'s when comparing these 2 machines (A3000 and 
>SP-808)?  I'm primarily interested in ease/speed of use, sound 
>quality, capabilities, features, sexiness, versitility, power, and I 
>guess last but not least, live usage.
>Right then...thanks in advance.