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RE: tape backup (was Re: HD recording specs)

> From: Chris Chovit [mailto:cho@newdream.net]
> Interesting...  Does anyone have other comments on tape
> backup systems?
> good or bad experiences with various media?

It would almost be incumbent to think DAT tapes as the medium for tape
backups these days, though the good old 3120's can still take 680MB on 
own.  From a functional standpoint, though,  TAPE DIES.  In one way or
another, the medium is less-than-permanent.

I think that, given the cost of DAT backup drives (the HP Surestore being a
workhorse) and the decreasing cost of CD-R and CD-RW drives, that it's much
better to save them on CD.  And that tape should go the way of, well, tape,
unless one needs to backup whole 4GB partitions at a time.

When DVD becomes home-recordable this too should be historical.  It's a
wonder that 3M isn't thinking about this as well.

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