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Re: Recording with Stereo EDP's

At 10:34 AM -0800 12/12/98, Gerry P wrote:
>Just wondering if :
>1) Is it possible to RECORD on both EDP's at the same time -i.e. 
>assigning L
>and R
>    tracks of my DAT - each to one of the synced EDPs?


>2) Can both synced EDP's OVERDUB at the same time?  i.e. split source to
>    EDP - i.e. processed/unprocessed signal

yep. that's the idea with using two of them sync'd together as a stereo
pair. Whatever function you do on one occurs simultaneously on the other.
But they are still two discrete units, so the audio paths are completely

alternatively, you can have two (or more) of them BrotherSync'd together
for synching the loops while still having independent control over each.
That's one really versatile way of getting the multitrack loop setup
without compromising on user interface. It's also a great way to have
multiple people looping together. Each has independent control over his own
echoplex, while being able to keep loops sync'd with the others.


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