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re:getting started

yer mail formatting is a bit screwy there, might want to look at how you've
got word wrapping or the # of columns configured in your mail program.....

At 11:37 PM -0800 12/12/98, Trisstine@aol.com wrote:
>      also right up there. The effects in my current rig run stereo, so 
>like to keep
>      that.(The Echoplex is a mono unit, but two can be hooked together 
>      if I understand correctly?)

that is correct.

>What is an EDP? I've been seeing posts about
>it on
>      the list but don't know anything about it.

EDP = Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro

>Are there others?
>      What about units like the Eventides?(In all their various 
>I know
>      their effects are outstanding, but what about looping capability? 
>would it
>      be "worth" it to purchase a single Eventide or to go the multiple
>      route, a dedicated looper(s), a harmonizer, a delay/reverb unit etc?

jack of all trades, master of none? I like mixing components that are each
really good at what they do, instead of one thing that does it all badly.
(although, eventides probably do everything well, I havent seriously used

>      And lastly(sorry this is so long winded!), after the purchase of an
>      what is the cost to beef up it's memory to the full 200 second 

four 4MB 30 pin simms, I think they are $10-15 each now. If you find them
collecting dust in an old computer, they are $0.


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