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Re: Another Multiple Loops question

Yes, Yes and Yes! I sync to my jamman or drum track, etc with the cv pulse 

on the back of the time machine. I use an old Roland 626 drum machine it 

midi sync and will put out a +5 volt pulse, I know other old stuff had cv 
put and there are some midi clock to cv clock units.then you just split 
the cv
line out for two or more time machines. I have two 7.6s going now. I have a
little page with other info about uses for the other cv input on the 7.6
courtesy of Craig Anderton.



Stephen P. Goodman wrote:

> As I've got an RDS 7.6, I've wanted to have more than one loop in my 
> for some time, yeah, 7.6 seconds isn't enough sometimes... But in the 
> of some of the "for sale" notices I've seen for more of these units, I
> started thinking of configurations in which they'd work together.
> Is there a way to sync up two units?  Would it be necessary to get a 
> module of some kind, to act as the control process?  And do we all have 
> holiday shopping done?
> Thanks.  Also, any suggestions for dedications this week?
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