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New list member!

        My name's Jeff McLeod. I'm new to the looping list, and I just 
wanted to
say hello. I'm already enjoying many of the posts that I've received, and
figured that I'd tell everyone a little about myself in case I posted and
you all wondered who the hell I was.
        I'm an improvisor and experimental musician residing in the heart 
of the
Bible Belt--Montgomery, AL. I've toured WAY too much with a noise rock trio
called bert, and am currently pursuing two musical avenues: one with an
improv trio called Stull and the other being solo recording projects under
the moniker of Gezoleen. 
        My looping interest comes from being an owner of a Boomerang that 
I got
from Mike at Boomerang Music in Dallas. Wonderful, intuitive pedal. I look
forward to learning and sharing with all of you--and I'd definitely be
interested in trading music if you are!
Jeff McLeod
This is not here--
And now is almost over...