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RE: jungle funk in da house

I caught Jungle Funk when they opened up for Marcus Miller. It
was a great show. I didn't get to see what kind of pedals Doug
Wimbash was using. Anybody know?

Jungle Funk dates from www.pollstar.com

Date       City          State          Venue
12/14/98   Salzburg      AUT            Rockhaus Salzburg
12/16/98   Zurich        SWI            Moods
12/18/98   Ris Orangis   FRA              Le Plan
12/19/98   Quimper       FRA            Run Ar Puns
12/21/98   Hannover      GER              Altro Mondo

Has anybody caught the live Drum 'N Bass shows at the Izzy Bar
in New York City?

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i want to check Jungle Funk live again!

if you know where i could catch them, please mail to this list!

others might be interested too!