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Re: EDP mailorder

> >I think people have successfully gotten echoplex units sent overseas 
> >these places:
> >8th street music in new york:
> >http://www.8thstreet.com

Gerry P wrote:
> I am ready to order a second EDP but 8th Street Music, who I normally 
> with, doesn't think they can get any in - they are under the impression 
> Oberheim is no longer shipping.
> Can you clarify the situation?

Well for one thing 8th st music is in Phila Pa. , not NYC. It's my
"local" store so I know most of the people and what's going on.
According to one of the guys I tend to trust, 8th st has *always* had
trouble ordering stuff form Oberheim. Things not being sent on time or
not at all is a common theme. 

Add to that this time of year they are less "helpful" than usual and
even have some new employees in to handle the rush. I was there last
week and was amazed at the dip in service and the tension floating
around. While there's no real excuse for this it is a reality so you
might be hearing the truth (I wouldn't doubt it) or some permutation

My advice is call and ask for Randy Segal (If you haven't talked to him
already). He's been there for years and is the head of the Keyboard Dept
and is basically a good guy. At least he'll shoot straight with you. If
he says they can't get them in then I wouldn't hold your breath for them
to miraculously appear.

I bought my EPD(used) and pedal(new) from 8th st and they do carry and
try to stock them. I also know they tried to place and order for me a
while ago and weren't able to get the stuff form Gibson/Oberheim.

Good luck!

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