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Re: EDP mods

>I've picked up an used EDP.   It has version 3.2 and I maxed
>out the ram.  Which  modifications suggested at the FAQ
>should I consider doing.

1. get the new software update from Oberheim

2. make sure pin 5 of U12 is cut, which fixes a thermal problem. see this
page for details and a diagram:

3. do the gain stage modification:

If you are feeling motivated, you could also replace the two 7805 5V
regulators at the back of the unit with one Power Trends PT5101N  5V
switching regulator. You can get them from digikey for about $15 I think.
The new regulator can power both of the power rails that the old ones were
on, and doesn't need the heatsink. This reduces the heat generated by the
unit by a LOT. (new units have this....)


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