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Re: Problem with Oberheim not shipping EDP?

EDP is an excellent tool for live (real time looping). I don't there
is anything come close. However, if you consider to do more processing
on your loop in a studio or home, try to use a Audio sequencer, I used
Emagic Logic Audio on Mac and you can produce much more complex stuff
with it.

Having said that I still enjoy very much on using EDP to capture my
spontaneous ideas and get everything done without looking at a
computer monitor.

I've looked around for 3 months for my first used EDP and I've waited
more than half a year to get my 2nd new EDP. However, it's 100% worth
to wait.


---jadirusso@statestreet.com wrote:
>      Hello,
>         I have recently been looking around trying to purchase a new
>      but have found that everywhere is telling me that there is a 
>      problem at Gibson/Oberheim and god only knows when they will be 
>      shipping the EDP again. Has anyone else run into this problem? 
>      Anyone know what the delay is? 
>         By the way I found the Looper's delight web page and mailing 
>      list archives very helpful in my research of looping tools. You 
>      guys have been very helpful in my decision to get an EDP to use
>      textures and more in my live improvisations.
>         Thanks,
>               Joe DiRusso

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