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Re: Multiple Loops question

Actually, I think you missed the point of the original post.  The EDP in
brother sync lets you do stereo loops.  It doesn't let you have multiple
loops of different lengths playing simultaneously, out of phase with each
other.  If I'm wrong on this, let me know and I'll run out and buy an EDP
right now.  We've discussed this on the list before.  I don't think it's a
major technical limitation for a box to do this, it's more of a UI
limitation for a controller.


Kevin Goldsmith                         kevin@unitcircle.com
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On Sat, 12 Dec 1998, Bret wrote:

> Am I stating the obvious, the EDP in brother sync with other EDP can
> do this, and more. 
> bret
> ---Mike Biffle <Mike.Biffle@wj.com> wrote:
> >
> > > ...  I don't mean layering on one loop and then clicking to a
> parallel, but 
> > > unrelated loop for another section.  I mean having loops 1 - 2 - 3
> - 4... 
> > > running simultaneously in parallel, and being able to turn off #2
> for a couple
> > > passes, then bring it back in and  turn off #4, etc.  You know,
> like an 
> > > 8-track mixer with track mute buttons, or like a sampler where you
> can trigger
> > > multiple samples  while others are playing.
> > 
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