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Re: Multiple Loops question

At 05:20 PM 12/18/98 -0500, Unit Circle Media wrote:
>Actually, I think you missed the point of the original post.  The EDP in
>brother sync lets you do stereo loops.  It doesn't let you have multiple
>loops of different lengths playing simultaneously, out of phase with each
>other.  If I'm wrong on this, let me know and I'll run out and buy an EDP
>right now.  We've discussed this on the list before.  I don't think it's a
>major technical limitation for a box to do this, it's more of a UI
>limitation for a controller.

you are wrong about that. The simultaneous multiple loops, different
lengths, etc, is exactly the main function of BrotherSync on the echoplex. 

For stereo connections of echoplex you use the BrotherSync connection, but
you don't truly use all the BrotherSync function. In that case you are
actually just using the half of it that syncs the sample clocks together on
the two units. This keeps you from having phase units and keeps the units
nicely together. But this is a master/slave stereo configuration, which is
not really BrotherSync.

The main point of BrotherSync is the multitrack loop thing that you're all
looking for, which is why lots of people own multiple echoplexes to do 
BrotherSync lets you synchronize as many echplexes together as you like. 
"Brother" in the name refers to the fact that the units are all equals,
rather than in a master-slave configuration. Any one of them can be used to
set a basic loop length. The other units can then use that sync pulse to 
up loops of any multiple of the original length. Each unit can be operated
completely independently, giving you a powerful user interface to the
multiple loop tracks or even allowing for multiple loopers working 
At any time, any of them can be used to set a basic loop cycle for the 

There is much more detail about this in the echoplex FAQ on the looper's
delight site:



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