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Gtr Oblq...

GTR OBLQ Knit 12/18 11pm

anyone else make the show..real or virtually???

well - hope so - 2nd set was a mind-blow....

guitar - metal strings vibrating in an electrified magnetic field, simple
equation yet - what the fuck does it all tap into?? That's what we're here
to find out.

It's impossible to put music into words - you all know that, but i'll
attempt to bring a little bit of the experience to light.

....first couple pieces were a little disjointed, and as a friend in
attendance remarked, it sounded like Torn,Sharp & Reid were all playing 
their own , albeit very cool, ideas, but not really connected.

But then about 25-30 mins in, everything kicked in - they started creating
a huge wind of sound..i personally was hearing chants, airplane screams and
bombs.. to these stoned out ears , at times they were channelling the
attack on Iraq....esp. when Torn kicked on the arabic-sounding vocalist he
puts thru his pickups from a little dictaphone\\

from time to time vernon and E# dipped into some acoustics, which added a
nice new dynamic- vernon at one point cycling thru an almost genesis-style
arpeggio, Torn filling the space with a fluid fog of tone, Elliot
skittering out bizarre chattering notes.

-they also dipped into two of the pieces on the CD, which was nice to have
something to hang onto - a familiar melody!! this project really is
developing into something wild - they pretty much live on the edge -
anything goes.. i only wish BLUE would go out there a bit more. i love not
knowing AT ALL where we the audience will be in 5 minutes! Once these guys
lock in, they really listen and let everything  breathe and segue real
nicely-hope someone taped it !

One bizarre, scary event transpired.. Vernon had his 4x12, on top of that
the 5-6 space rack with the amp in it, on top of THAT his 6 space guitar
stand.. well.. vibrations or whatever, at one point the whole fuckin' thing
came falling down!!! all his guitars ALL of em - smashing down onto the
stage - a 6-8 ft fall!! i dunno how the 50 pound head didn't trash any gear
on the floor! vernon went tumbling forward - amazingly - only with a small
cut to a thumb.

the stunned crowd hung out while E# , DT and Sascha (KF sound) put it all
together again...unbelievably - all guitars were pretty much in tune and
unharmed!! Good Karma!

ahh..and quite the quiet fashionable  loopers, Torn yogi-like in
comfortable all white, Vernon in black with a stylish wool hat, E# snazzy,
euro-style, with a great black shirt with egyptian-ish bands of gold all
around it...

approximate (!) GEARhead report:

E#- asst. bizarre headless guitars, 8-10 string custom thing, Godin(?)
powerbook for asstd grooves (hmm.. sometimes not my fave sounds emanating
Asstd pedals, whammy etc into a Boomerang, into a couple combos - fender
and ?

Vernon - VHT amp/4x12 spkrs, Effects incl boomerang, Boss floor multiFX
thing (GT5?) whammy pedal, not much more. TONS of yamaha, alesis etc
samplers, synth modules, mackie or similar little mixing board,etc (TOO
MANY WIRES!!) (check out Torn's rack , Vern!)
he played asttd Hamer custom axes, one with built-in-body midi pickup, an
ovation acoustic, a banjo (scenes of the duet CD with Frisell-great disc)
Axon double neck - with one neck regular, one neck radical synth trigger -
(this thing was amazing!! i simply cannot exagerate the amt of sensitivity
he was getting, the expressiveness on one flute sound he had..anyone hear
that?? it was NOT a real woodwind player!! NO It was NOT!!) 

D Torn mutilated air with his usual Klein, rivera monster rig, the encore
featured the Mini blue Strat - his FX have been listed here recently, same
rig as BLUE shows... lexicon-loaded rack, on the floor a maze of TC, Boss,
custom boxes, exp & vol pedals a little bit o'looping with the ol' oud too