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Re: help? 2

At 11:57 AM -0800 12/19/98, Salvatore Passaro wrote:
>always Salvatore from Italy, an update :-)
>I forgotted to write also that my echoplex also doesn't record (sample) if
>volume of what I play is too low (it's too low for echoplex not for me).
>When volume becomes enough it starts to record (samples) something.

sounds to me like you have the "threshold" parameter set to something other
than 0. That's the purpose of this parameter - when it's set to something,
You tap record and the echoplex waits until you actually start playing
something before the recording starts. Convenient for people who can't
coordinate their foot tapping and their playing. :-)

It's funny to watch people first try to use a looper. For some reason they
often don't realise that starting and stopping the Record is a rhythmic
thing, which they have to do in time. So its Tap, then start playing a
moment later. Then wonder why they have that space in the beginning of the
loop. :-)  I guess people see a pedal and think of it like changing an amp
channel or a preset on a multieffect, or turning on a stompbox, where you
tap the pedal before you start playing, usually not in rhythm. For people
who just can't break that habit, the threshold parameter is helpful.


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