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Music suggestions?

Hello, everyone,
        Since I'm in a searching mode, I thought I'd ask for suggestions 
on music
(looping-oriented desired, but not completely necessary...).
        What I like is the darker stuff. Atonal, noisy or even 
ambient--just as
long as it has an edge of danger to it. I do appreciate artists who have a
nice balance of dark and light, too. I'm currently listening to a band
called Hovercraft, who are improv-based and have blown the cobwebs out of
my skull. Just guitar, bass and drums--but it all sounds like something
right from a murderer's brain. Very disturbing.
        I thought I'd pick everyone's brains and see what came back from 
the list!
I look forward to hearing from you. If you need any more info or
descriptiveness, I'd be happy to oblige!
Thanking you all in advance,
Jeff McLeod
This is not here--
And now is almost over...