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Boulder Lollapaloopa

        OK, it seems like there really would be some interest in a Loop Jam
in Boulder, so anyone who would want to do this, email me directly and I'll
see what I can do. Let me know when a good time to come to town would be.
It would be good to know what kind of stuff you do and what kind of gear
you have (roughly, I don't need a blow by blow account) so I can ascertain
the correct venue. Preferable to me is to be able to do it fairly quietly
so that we can do it at Penny Lane, which can get a good crowd that is very
receptive to listening. If it seems like it will be loud, we'll have to go
to a larger alcohol based venue that will probably be less fun and less
forgiving of weirdness, although the West End Tavern might be a good bet.
Income will probably be entirely based on tips that will probably mostly
have to go to publicity, so if you need remuneration, bring product to
sell. If we get really lucky and can create an aura of respectability,
maybe I can convince Don Strasberg to give us a slot at the Fox Theatre.


Edwin Hurwitz
Boulder CO