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Re: cgdaeg tuning

In a message dated 12/20/98 9:19:16 PM EST, martins@pwdu.demon.co.uk 

> >I was just wondering since aparently there are other players tuning 
>  >to fifths and tuning a high E string to G if there is a string size 
>  >that wont break as easily to tune up to G.
>  A standard 0.09" should take a G tuning but if they are breaking try a 
>  0.08" or a 0.085 if you can find one. You get a tradeoff between 
>  and strength but it should work ok. Bear in mind that Fripp uses a 
>  scale length guitar (24 3/4") so if you use Fender scale (25 1/2") the 
>  string tension will be greater you will be more likely to break strings.
>  Martin Shellard

Ive been using that tuning for about 2-3 years now.
The gauges that ive come to use are

thats tight

for a looser feel


i woudnt go to an .008 at all
its too tinny

any one else out there using this tuning?
i thought i was the only one(aside from the craft)