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Re: LD Digest V98 #251 - UK looping possibilities

     Sure, why not! Global Village Productions, as its name suggests has 
     been dealing mainly with musicians from the "world music" area - the 
     Peking Brothers are the only ones I remember by name, but also 
     musicians from Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Latin America were 
     They - GVP - want to move into other areas too - broadly ambient from 
     either end of that description. He already has one 
     abstract/sound/noise group in mind (again the name escapes me) and I 
     suppose I'm the other end, as you can tell from a quick scout around 
     the sounds at <http://subnet.virtual-pc.com/or387751>. However, I 
     bought ACID Ph1 and have incorporated some of the world drum samples 
     into a new-online-today sort of Rolf Harris meets Bing and Bowie 
     uptown with Eno according to my wife. See what you think!
     And good luck with the Cardiff gig - nowhere near Splott, by any 

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Subject: Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V98 #251
Author:  Gareth Whittock <whiteoak@dial.pipex.com> at Internet
Date:    20/12/98 18:33

What sort of music are we talking about here?
My own is a sort of tribal ambience using extended guitar techniques, 
(hey that sounds good doesn't it)?
By the way, I'll be doing a spot at the diggers gig at the end of 
January at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff using a Zoom 8080, a strat 
and poss a slide guitar also possibly some live computer processing 
using AudioMulch, (which incidentally nobody's reponded to my 
announcement of- Strange!). Loops akimbo!
>      And spreading good will throughout the UK - a few of you may recall 
>      gig at the British Library's new(ish) building at St. Pancras, here 
>      London, UK.