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Trick (bad one) of the day

For a few days I've notived that regardless
of the level of the input, my loop in the
Jamman were severely distorted. This
phenomena occured suddenly, in a
configuration I as using for months without
The thing is I found were the problem was,
and it is surprising as well as limiting my
future plans.
Let me tell you what I found.
I bought recently two electro static
microphones: two Audio technica 3528. I had
only a few cheap Sure's, and wanting to
expand to (still cheap) electrostatiic ones.

So the two AT are plugged in my  Mackie CR 16
04, as well as the outputs of the vortex, in
whic the Jamdude in injected.
It appears that when the phantom power is
turned on, the loops get distorted (?!?!),
and everythiÁng comes back to normal when the
phantom power is off.
I don't know how this can occur. I even fear
that this effect of the phantom power may
mean possible damage to the Vortex and
If any knowledgable peole here have any

Olivier Malhomme