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Merry Merry, Everyone!

A short note to wish everyone in and on this list, the best of holidays.
May we all be with those close to us at this time, if not physically, than
at least spiritually.

Another short note, that I'll be releasing This Year's Free Song on the
24th; it's to be named "Fur or Feather", and will be posted tomorrow
afternoon/evening for your enjoyment.  In case one doesn't know, for the
past 3 years I've been posting an annual piece, composed for the season, 
made available for free charitable use.  It'll be at
http://www.earthlight.net/Studios by that time.  Do drop in and say hello 

Stephen Goodman  -  It's... The Loop Of The Week!
EarthLight Studios  -  http://www.earthlight.net/Studios