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New "Christmas" Album out...

NOTE: Promotion of a listmember's "music" follows. Skip if you'd like.

My duo/band, Overdrive Date Master, has gotten into a bad habit of
playing shows without instruments. We have our second annual holiday
concert coming up jan 6, 1999 here in Phila, Pa (Upstairs at Nicks) and
it's going to be a CD release party for our new album; "ODM: The
Christmas Show".

Last year we played a concert without any real instruments. We used two
mono tube record players and a stack of the strangest records you can
imagine (speeches, How-to albums, some music of all types) and mixed
them all up at various speeds (8RPM to 78 RPM) with delays direct into
some vintage fender amps. Occasionally there was some bizarro leads and
fills from two analog monosynths getting the same amp/delay treatments
and of course we filled it out with children's toys and out famous
windup monkey, Binky.

A CD of this concert was going to be released this Easter (A Christmas
Album at Easter just seemed right) but due to popular demand (honest,
people have been asking me for this thing!) it's available now for $10
including shipping in the US.

Full info at: Http://www.voicenet.com/~legion/odmxmas.htm

Many members on these lists have contributed ideas and support for this
nonsense so I figured I'd let y'all know. Thanks for your time.

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