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Dark Aether Project year end round up

Dear friends,

We hope everyone is enjoying this time of holidays. As 1998 comes to a
close, we'd like to thank everyone for their kind support that has made
this such a wonderful year for us. To all of the folks at the radio
stations, magazines, newspapers, distributors, clubs and concert halls,
the fine bands that we've had the pleasure of playing with and especially
the folks who have bought CDs and come out to see us play, we wish you all
the best for the new year! 

1999 is looking to be an even better year for us as we finish up the
writing for our next album. In addition to the three songs which you may
already be familiar with from recent shows:  "Nightmare" - a 7+ minute
vocal tune, "Stages" - a 7+ minute instrumental, and our still untitled
12+ minute instrumental, this past weekend we worked out the music for an
entirely new song which is running over 11 minutes long.  This track just
could turn out to be the album centerpiece. I've asked Ray to write the
lyrics for this song. The lyrics Ray has written in the past as a member
of Echolyn, Still and Always Almost are miles ahead of anything I could
dream of coming up with and since he'll have to sing them, I'm happy to
let him write them! As mentioned previously, the CD will also contain a
bonus live 9+ minute version of "Dark Aether" recorded at TapTech II back
in November.

We'll be working on at least one additional piece between now and mid-late
January when we will get down to putting the little magnetic bits to tape. 
With my switch to Warr Guitar from Stick, the addition of keyboards on
some of the songs, Ray helping us out on vocals and the longer more
complex songs, I'm really excited about the direction of this new album.
The plan is to have the album ready for release in time for a special show
we've booked at Phantasmagoria in Wheaton MD on Saturday March 13th with
special guests from the Europa String Choir. For those unfamiliar with the
ESC, I highly recommend checking out their 1995 debut _The Starving Moon_
released by Discipline Global Mobile Records as well as ESC Warr Guitarist
Markus Reuter's _Taster_ - an excellent live recording of solo improvised
loop based touchstyle guitar music from a performance in Cologne, Germany
back in 1997. You can find out more about the ESC on their website at

As an aside, the weekend prior to the March show, Markus and I will be out
in the Seattle area studying two handed tapping techniques for fretted
string instruments with Trey Gunn of King Crimson. In addition to Trey's
course, there will be another introducing newcomers to the Guitar Craft
Standard Tuning. The location is the Seabeck Retreat Center on Bainbridge
Island which is breathtakingly beautiful (after returning from a course
there in 1997, I came very close to moving out there permanently!). Those
interested in learning more about these and other upcoming courses are
encouraged to visit the Seattle Circle Web Site at

We hope you enjoy the last days of '98 and we'll see you in the new year!


       "...if one strives at hearing for the sake of constant virtue,
       out of seeking liberation from cyclic existence, gradually one 
                           becomes a Hearer."
                           - Chandrakirti

              T h e   D a r k   A e t h e r   P r o j e c t