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Re: Ordering David Torn CDs

Hi, all...
        Thanks for the replies. I just wanted to let everyone know that 
just wrote and said that there was an error. My order is going to be
filled, so I've found a way to get both CDs. Thanks anyway for all the 
Jeff McLeod

At 02:47 PM 12/27/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Jeff & Vonda McLeod wrote:
>> Hello, all...
>>         I've run into difficulty finding two particular David Torn CDs.
They are
>> the Polytown CD and Tripping Over God. As I am in Alabama, there aren't
>> many places that would have them in-store--so, I've turned to the 
>> The one place where I have found them (Pentagon Music) just informed me
>> that they were out of stock.
>>         I was curious if you all knew of any other internet resources or
>> where I could order these recordings.
>> Thank you,
>> Jeff McLeod
>> __________________________________________
>> This is not here--
>> And now is almost over...
>    You might try Wayside Music/ Cuneiform. They've got a web site (you'll
have to
>do a search engine). Wayside's last catalogue (they're quarterly) had
"Polytown" cd
>for cheap ($8-$10).
>                                                    Good luck, James