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The Three-Ring Circus, a.k.a "Gibson"

>Note he mentions the Oberheim name now just being used for an italian
>company. As I understand it, that only includes the Viscount keyboard
>products that Gibson/Oberheim has been selling for the past few years. It
>doesn't include other OB stuff like the Echoplex or matrix-1000, OBMX, 
>The Echoplex is getting moved to another Gibson division, Electar, which
>also includes Trace-Elliot and Maestro.

I read the interview, and my first thought was that he's unaware that the 
Echoplex exists.  Gibson has been in a state of confusion for longer than 
I can remember.  I bought my first Echoplex two years ago, and I've held 
off on getting the LED display fixed (one of the elements in the 
loop-time counter went out early on) due to the numerous re-org's, office 
relocations, and horror stories about sending in units and not seeing 
them back for three months while no-one returns your phone calls.  In the 
meantime, Gibson keeps buying up smaller companies and raising the prices 
on their thirty-year old designs, which still have less-than perfect 
finishes while listing for $3000+.  I'd have to say that if they're going 
to rename the Echoplex, I'd suspect another impending long delay for new 
units, service, etc. Ah...life in the soap opera of the looping 
underworld continues business-as-usual.

Travis Hartnett