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Re: some interesting interviews


Douglas Lawrence wrote:

I found a much better interview with Henry in the World Traveler magazine
which is the airline magazine for Northwest Airlines.

What Henry realizes he has is market share....
That's why he's going to start making everything he can with that name on
it. Merchandising and cafes are the key to his new found fortunes...  He cites Caterpillar shoes, the Hardrock Cafe, and the Nascar Cafe as his inspiration.

Yuck.  Talk about putting your short term profit over long term gain.  Does anyone think that this is an unlikely scenario:  The Allstar Hard Gibson Cafe opens, the merchandising frenzy begins, demand for even their guitars increases.  They see that by radically cutting costs thay can rake in a ton of profit, they can meet this newfound demand quickly, and make a killing.  Most people who are now Gibson users abandon them for Hamers (after my Custom Shop Les Paul developed a huge hump in the neck, I'll never buy a new one).  All of the hobbiests move onto the Next Big Thing and Gibson is left with no market share.

Kim Flint, at this point having achieved Rock God status and wealth, feels sorry for his old employers, buys the company, and brings them back to their former glory....

I guess I should be glad I've always been a Fender boy.

Evil Hong Kong Kung-Fu Legions Petition
For Right To Attack Two At A Time

Legion, a union representing Hong Kong's 22
largest evil kung-fu goon squads, formally
petitioned the Hong Kong action-film industry
Monday to lift its long-term ban on
dual-attacking in fights against the forces of
good. "We feel it is both reasonable and fair to
permit evil henchmen to pair up, attacking the
hero two at a time," the petition read. The union
cited a study which found that from 1989 to
1997, 100 percent of diabolical armies who took
on lone heroes in a single-file fashion were

from the Onion http://www.theonion.com/