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VS Series for Recording

Oh, absolutely the VS series is good enough to make a CD master with.

Besides the Wooten CD, I also have a VS-840 that I've done several 
projects on and it's easily the best sounding piece of audio gear 
in my possession, and that's saying something.

The CDs I've created on this thing sound really good.  In fact, 
there are some projects I've done that sound better than major
label releases (in terms of audio quality).

The COSM effects are actually amazingly good - don't knock the VS
units until you try one.  

The built-in guitar preamp is really nice - I could take this thing
on vacation with me with just an electric guitar, cable and drum 
machine and I could do a full album with just that instrumentation

The limitation?  The 840 uses ZIP disks.  The first units used the
100 meg zip disks.

The new 840s have the 250 meg zip drive - I'm going to see if I can
upgrade since that's the only part of the unit I with was better -
the earlier units are kind of limited on recording time (you can do
an eight track project of 6-7 minutes duration, but that will fill
the disk using the best sounding fidelity).

Todd Madson
Musician, Mountain Biker, Stunt Kite Flyer, BeOS/MacOS/Linux/WinNt user.