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Re: Cakewalk and Looping?

I've been doing some cursory research into CAL (Cakewalk's scripting
language).  I have Cakewalk Pro 8 and am looking into using CAL to 
percussion scores and algorithmically make minor changes in order to make 
track sound slightly less robotic.  You know, like lower the volume of 
third bass hit by a couple of percent, randomly raise/lower volume or 
the panning of crash symbol hits to make it sound like the drum kit is 
alter the placement of a tom hit every once in a while so that it's a few
milliseconds off.

Have you read any of the CAL documentation?  It looks fairly powerful.  You
might be able to use scripting to take sequences of MIDI notes and 
them in some way that simulates looping.  I haven't actually used it so 
eveyrthing I just said with a pillar of salt.

Anyway, it might be something to look into.  If I learn any more about it I
will pass it along to you and I would appreciate you doing the same if you
find out some cool stuff.


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Subject: Cakewalk and Looping?

> Hi folks,
> Anyone out there using Cakewalk that might be able to assist a bit?  I 
> like to be able to set up a percussion track that acts like a loop,
> accepting keystrokes (DSP sounds triggered by MIDI keyboard) as such,
> instead of having to copy/paste something all the way through.  The 
> tends to sound like it, frankly, whereas the loop, with its
> changing/mounting patterns, would sound much more organic.
> Anyone?  Anyone?
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