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--gasparyan / brook--

Hey now,

Sorry you folks had such a bad experience
with the Gasparyan/Brook show.

I just caught the Boston show last night, and
thought it was fabulous.

Usually i can't stand the use of prepared
sequences, etc., in live performance.  No
judgement there, it just isn't to my taste.

But the Gasparyan/Brook performance last
night opened my ears considerably to that
technique.  I was there for the sound check
too, and heard some talk about them having
very little rehearsal time before touring 
(compounded by the language barrier), so
maybe that's why the first few shows were
so rough.  

But last night Gasparyan did not seem one
bit uncomfortable (except with not being able
to understand the english-spoken introductions,
etc.).  He fit right in both with the duduk and
his vocals, and seemed to be having a blast.

And i'm not a guitarist, so take my word only
for what it's worth.  But i was blown away by
Brook's playing.  Restrained where it needed
to be, and downright stunning at times.  
(Actually the most impressive thing i heard
was when he solo'd during a the sound check
while listening out on the floor to the house
mix--some very compelling and compassionate
soloing which seemed totally effortless to him.)
He clearly wasn't as comfortable/experienced
with being in front of a live audience as 
Gasparyan was though.

I thought all the elements came together 
incredibly well, including the implementation of
the pre-programmed stuff.

Apparently so did the rest of the audience.  They
got called back up to do two encores, even though
Brook explained that they already performed all
the material they had rehearsed!  So they just
played, at great demand, two pieces that they
had performed earlier!

And the audience wanted more....

I'd be at the Knitting Factory now if i could have
gotten the time off from work.

My observations,
peter koniuto

> I caught the Gasparyan/Brook show this past Monday in San 
> Francisco. My sentiments are similar: Too much tech., not 
> enough Gasparyan. I did enjoy Michael Brook's playing but it 
> seemed, at times, that Gasparyan seemed awkwardly 
> uncomfortable. Michael Brook did say that it was only the 2nd 
> time they ever performed together live so that may have 
> something to do with it. Some of the "loopage" I liked but 
> there was a definite lack of spontaneity which seems to be an 
> inevitable trade off when using sequenced material. Despite 
> the shortcomings, however, I did leave with a favorable 
> opinion of the show. 
> Reason i ask? Just saw Michael Brook/Djivan Gasparyan at the 
> newly-remodeled Gothic Theater in Denver. I went to see the 
> famed duduk player, not really to catch Brook, and while i 
> REALLY enjoyed the duduk, the presentation left something to 
> be desired... I felt that there was alot of rough edges, 
> mostly due to trying to integrate technology into the gig, 
> and the fact that Brook is NOT the 'virtuoso guitarist' that 
> the CD liner notes to 'Black Rock' make him out to be... Most 
> of the sequenced stuff was really just loops, but the lengths 
> of the sections were definitely programmed and just when they 
> finally started to hit a groove, they moved on... I don't 
> know, in this case, they just relied TOO much on technology 
> in my opinion, and there wasn't enough PLAYING... (off my 
> soapbox..) Buy the record (which i like) and save the $$, 
> unless you wish to see the legendary Gasparyan (you won't be 
> disappointed in him).