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Re: boomerang vs. headrush

> In a message dated 99-08-12 11:34:29 EDT, you write:
> << I've got both.  Definitely if you can afford the Boomerang, it's a 
>  better looper than the headrush. >>
> I completely disagree.  If you use distorted, mangled guitar maybe... if 
> however you're after clean loops of vocals or crystal clear PCM keyboard 
> loops, the headrush has superior sound quality over the 'Rang. Period.  
> the Boomerang is A BETTER LOOPER FOR YOU....NOT FOR ME.
Yeah, I think it was assumed that I was stating my opinion.  As I said, I
have both.  For what I do, the control (and loop length) I get with my
rang far overwhelms the sound quality of the headrush.

This is starting to feel like a religious argument.