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Re: Line-6 DL4 - MPX-G2

>Line6 tech support told me recently that their stompers will ship in 
>months. I bet these folks will prove more reliable than DOD or EH.

does anyone remember how long it took line6 to ship POD after they 
it?  a good deal more than 2 months, i'd bet.  it was also delayed a few 
times.  however, imho, it was worth the wait.  it's not my main preamp, 
alot of usable sounds for a low price.

i just hope EDP2 comes out soon.  hopefully that will overshadow anything 
line6 puts out, in looper-world.  either way, we have alot to look foward 
in terms of hardware.

>btw...anyone wanting
>more G2 info/opinions, feel free to PEM me at dcoffin@taunton.com...or 
>post here, and I'll tellya what I can.

please post here.  i'm sure there are alot of people here, like me, who 
interested in this thing.


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