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Re: rack vs. floor multi-FX

In a message dated 8/16/99 12:47:13 PM, mbiffle@svg.com writes:

>Get the GT-5 or GT-3... I've finally heard the POD sounds, and while
>they're certainly
>nice... the COSM Boss stuff sounds just as good to me. I'd say the
>initial presets for
>amp-like sounds are better on the POD, but once you've learned to
>tweak the COSM
>stuff, you're in exactly the same department AND have a built in
>floor controller with
>great control of tons of effects as well. 
Absolutely agree...I love the GT-5. The only serious advantage I can see 
the -3, besides price, is that they've improved the access to groups via 
single footswitch presses on it, so you don't have to add a 2nd foot 
controller as Miko has to have quick access to more than one bunch of 5 
(or 4 
on the -3) patches. Otherwise, the deep editing power of the -5 is 
preferrable, I'd say. Re: the Pod, I have to say  I think it raises the 
for accurate simulations of real amp tones, over the Roland stuff, fine as 
is.  But it sure ain't a multi-fx, so it can't compare as a means of 
and controlling unique sounds.