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Re: Vintage...

In a message dated 08/18/1999 9:28:04 AM Central Daylight Time, 
murkie@panther.middlebury.edu writes:

<< yeah, i love telling people i paid $10 for my original issue tube 
 and $15 each for an original big muff and small stone.  
 those were the days... >>

Reminds me of when I bought my ProCo Rat when I was in college, 1983 or 4, 
Denton, Texas.  And then I remembered, for some reason, that in a class on 
electronic composition (which meant we got to use the Synclavier, 
I hooked up the output of the Synclavier to the Rat.  Using an FM 
containing some serious aliasing, it sounded pretty sick, like Tuvan 
singing,  or maybe throat-puking.  There's a case of using our well-drawn 
road map (as hartnett called it) to go to hell.  What was I thinking?