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LD CD #1 (Buy'em here!)

Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
> my copy of LD VOL 1 arrived today..........what wonderful 
> most excellent job by all invloved.........thank you very 

Gotta tag onto this as I was about to repost anyway.  

The third batch of LD #1 Cd orders are going  out this week including
two to the UK (woo hoo!). Orders picked up a bit and then dropped off
again far below the original pre-order requests so I want to encourage
anyone and everyone (and yr friends) to please buy this wonderful CD and
support the web site as well as your fellow Loopers.

Here's the info again:

Looper's Delight CD#1
$12 postpaid in the US, $13 Postpaid to Canada and the world (US funds
Make checks, MO, etc. payable to Help Wanted Productions and mail 'em

Help Wanted Productions
PO Box 2205 Phila, Pa 19103

(Be sure to include your return address!) 

There is an online catalog with links, descriptions, and a downloadable
Order Form at:


Thanks to everyone who ordered one so far. This has been a great project
and on behalf of HWP, Ray Peck (the original CD#1 creator), and all the
Looper's I'm glad to see this alive and being enjoyed again. Please
spread the word!

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