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Mr. Bungle

Hi, all...
        I just read the recent Mr. Bungle posts, and I have to chime and 
everyone that, even after having seen them three times, the show that I saw
in Atlanta, GA on this tour was THE most incredible thing I have ever
experienced. I would say that they are the greatest, most innovative band
out there right now--and their three recordings (self-titled, Disco Volante
and California) are testaments to this fact. 
        To answer one posters question:  there are no masks and oddball 
this tour--but the show is simply astounding: power, violence, beauty,
simplicity, complexity, noise, melody and things that one cannot even begin
to put into words . . . all rolled up into one astounding package. They are
the band to see this year. They don't tour often, so catch them while
they're out for an extended bit, if you can!!!
Jeff McLeod
This is not here--
And now is almost over...