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Procrastination + VS-840

Well, I had lots of fun just before I left for my vacation: I stayed up
until two in the morning using the delay in the VS-840 nearly maxed out
and then into the Mac running the Procrastination looper set on, oh, 
four minutes.

I had the first two doing left and right channels and the other two 
loopers doing the same and I would bring them in and out.

I generated all of this nonsense with just my electric guitar and before
long I had this giant, swirling, synth like galaxy of sound going.

After about an hour or so, I realized that what I was doing was pretty
cool and should be recorded, but hadn't thought to prepare the 840 or
the computer.  Then I forgot: the procrastination looper lets you dump
the contents of the loops in stereo to an aiff file.

So, during the endloop process (about the last 8 minutes) the ending of
the big atmosphere was happening I dumped the data to a file, played a
solo over the endloop and then let the atmosphere slough away until 
only the solo was left, and then even that faded.  Bizzarre.  It
ended up sounding like something from some weird album somewhere.

I encoded that data to an MP3 file so I'll probably put that up on my
site for download, but it's pretty desolate sounding.  

Weird how just playing around can generate something significant.

Todd Madson
Musician, Mountain Biker, Stunt Kite Flyer, BeOS/MacOS/Linux/WinNt user.