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Re: Loop This!

Howdy :

Colin Jenkinson here, I sent out a couple of loopy thangs in the mail:
Experience Cloud(Solo Chapman stick with Volume pedal, Boss DD5, Ebow and
Pluged-in -backwards wah-wah pedal), and "Let Me Down Easy" a hypnosis tape
for breast feeding my wife made( the background music is the first track  
Experience Cloud).

Colin Jenkinson | nosnikneJ niloC
-----Original Message-----
From: Patrick Smith <patrick@his.com>
To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Date: Tuesday, September 07, 1999 4:05 AM
Subject: Loop This!

>FNGP is happy to announce the next project on board for FingerPaint. We 
>looking for sonic contributions from list members to be used at our
>discretion for our CD release "Loop This!" The loops can be ambient swirly
>material, bass lines, drum loops, rhythm tracks, vocal lines, samples,
>melodies, anything....it is up to the contributor. (All loops should
>contain only material created by the contributor, with sample clearance 
>our use.)
>Why are we doing this? It is a common notion that randomness is an
>indispensable ingredient of creative acts. In FingerPaint we begin our
>pieces by improvising loop(s). We use multiple JAM MEN, ECHPLEXI, &
>DIGITECH TIME MACHINES as well as multiple effects boxes and synths to
>create our loops. Then we play with this material and see what develops.
>Since distance and budgetary constraints prevent us from inviting other
>loopers directly into our studio, we are exploring this avenue as a way to
>begin working with other musicians. "Loop This!" will be released under 
>name of the FingerPaint Collective.
>IF we use your material, you will be fully credited on the CD, our web 
>and anywhere else we can infiltrate. Our two previous CD releases have
>generated several reviews and air play round the world. Also any one who's
>material makes it on the CD will receive 5 CD's to keep for the
>grandchildren.... When this project becomes financially solvent royalties
>will be paid out in accordance with the number of participants.
>Eventually we my be doing this with MP3 files posted directly to our site.
>A remix of this project is also possible. Let's explore.
>Send your material on DAT or CD to:
>PO BOX 5364
>Takoma Park, MD
>                     Fingerpaint's New Release:
>                            IN THE LOOP
>      ... an intelligent, stimulating mixture of mimimaist spacebeats and
>           obscure samples layered upon a hypnotic illbient backdrop.
>                       DIGITAL ARTIFACT # 12
>                      http://www.fingerpaint.net