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Re: RE: extremely lofi ideas for the poor noisemaker

I've done this to replicate earthquake sounds. Not so much the quake 
but everything in a house reacting to it. My house seems to have a "sweet 
spot" around 16 Hz.

Access to a servo-driven sub woofer helps. Put it in another room and dial 
subsonic tones from a tone generator (8-22 Hz capable) . Modulate to 
Windows love it. Sheetmetal filing cabinets  dance with fear. Not 
for apartment dwellers.

eric p
echo park

In a message dated 9/20/99 2:00:39 PM, jbiz@linkexchange.com writes:

How about starting with an uncluttered room, and bringing in the toys,
>by one?
>Cut everything but the >deep< bass (The important part  for wobbling 
>anyway) on the music you are playing back. Record the found sounds, and
>the bass (there wouldn't be any coming from your new toys).

>>wander around and listen closely to all of the objects on your walls,
>tables, etc.
>>as they vibrate in different ways.  and then (this is the hard part)
>attempt to mic
>>these little vibrations in such a way as to maximize their dynamics and
>>the actual music's presence on your recording.  trying to record 
>>this usually (for me) ends up producing very fluid, natural rhythms that
>are more
>>complex than basic thumpings.