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Re: EDP through the roof

Um... speaking for myself, and I'm unanimous in this, if you guys are
*really* going to start a rape price discussion on selling an Echoplex
could you please take it offlist? Everyone here knows about the idiotic
Ebay sale. Quite a few people tried to lure the second bidder away as
well. If it sold for that so be it but that one sale is *not* the be all
and end all of EDP sales nor should it be. Soon you'll be able to buy
one for less than $900 or so with foot pedal and that whopping extra $25
or so to max the memory out. Until then you can find them easily for
that price or less if you bother to put a few minutes into your search. 

If you feel it necessary to sell or buy a unit for three times what it's
worth have the class to do it privately and not flaunt your greed or
ignorance here. Just my $3000.02. I'll shut up now.

> AAarons107@aol.com wrote:
> > Thanks for the message.
> > I just received a message from a guy selling his for 1500. Does your 
>edp have the installed memory or expanded?
> Maxed.
> Neil Goldstein

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