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If I were you I'd stick with free song downloads and selling the physical 
Why would I want to pay money to download an audio file from your site 
when I
can get ten gazillion of them for free from MP3.com?  "Because our songs 
better" isn't enough incentive for me.  Bonus GIF downloads of psychedelic
mushroom hunting maps in central texas?  Maybe.

Most of the band sites I come across give free one-minute-or-so samples of
most of their songs, and maybe one or two full-length songs as freebies.
What's wrong with that?

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> Guys,
> Looking for advice on hosting downloads and managing sales of the
> independant label I'm in.
> The script is :
> - we are a label comprising of three artists
> - we don't want our own website clogged up with a sales pitch, money
> transaction, download hassle
> - we would like to sell physical CDs AND we would also like to make 
> song downloads available
> - we don't want to pay for the hosting service (other than a %age of the
> music cost)
> MP3.com seems to offer this - are there any hidden catches with us being 
> label?
> Also - who else hosts music for free (or a moderate cost if need be) ?
> Hope you can help
> Anthony