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RE: quad looping

Korg Kaos Pad. It sends out midi control I beleive, but it's actually an
effect processor, mainly designed for DJs.

I play chapman stick too, and in the theory that one can never have to many
polyphonic things to do, just bought an SP-808. I'm getting quite good at
switching off between treble strings and the 808 with my right hand.

Perhaps a Koas pad on the floor could be controlled with a strategically
placed penny and a foot?


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Not a joystick, but Musiscian's Friend had this neat looking touch-pad
midi controller, I think by Korg, in their last catalog.  Looks like it
would be fun if you had free hands.  I'm trying to play Chapman Stick, so
my hands are pretty well tied up ;^)

Stew Benedict

 On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Dennis W. Leas wrote:

> Anybody doing quadraphonic looping?
> A combination of postings (to paraphrase - "Look into the 
> kind of music would you make if you had all the equipment you wanted...",
et al)
> has made me start to spec out a quadraphonic looping system.  It will
> be years in the making. :(
> Defn: Quadraphonic looping - RT Looping played back through a system with
> independent power-amps/speakers.
> Can anybody recommend some kind of joystick MIDI pan-pot?  (What do you
call a
> quad pan-pot, anyhow?)
> Dennis Leas
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